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Black Box Fitted?

Fed up with Tailgaters?

Our recognised Black Box Limited sticker tells

other drivers that you have to drive within the speed limit!

Buy Your Original Black Box Car Sticker Here

Black Box Car Sticker - Clear Window

Clear Window

Black Box Car Sticker - Just £2.99

Black Boc Car Sticker for Tints or Body Work.jpg

Tints or Bodywork

Black Box Car Sticker - Just £2.99

You'll be in good company


Recently Passed

I passed my test 6 months ago, I love the freedom of the car but I hate it when I get flashed by tailgaters.


Since I've had my Black Box Car Sticker sticker it's really helped.


Ellen, '03 Polo


Driving Instructor

I give a Black Box Sticker to every one on my students when they pass. Irrespective of their age or what insurance they take up.

The sticker deters tailgaters which is good for them and advertises my business. Win, Win!


Keith, '19 Micra


Serial Offender

I don't have a Black Box but have 9 points on my licence! I blame Daytona!!!

With the Black Box sticker on my car it stops me from feeling pressured to break the speed limit and risk my licence.


Oli, '04 Corsa

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